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Welcome to Easy Method Driving School, your premier destination for private adult driving instruction. Whether you're an adult over the age of 18 who is new to driving or looking to improve your skills, we've got you covered. With our convenient free home or work pickup and drop-off service throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Ozaukee Counties, learning to drive has never been easier.

Expert Instructors, Nurturing Environment

Don't have a permit yet? Don't Worry!

Easy Method has you covered with our Adult Permit Instruction Classes. Our comprehensive 2-hour session covers all aspects of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motorist Handbook, including the rules of the road, insurance, organ donations, and more. To ensure your success, we even provide a practice exam at the end of the class to help you prepare for your State of Wisconsin Permit Exam.

Located conveniently at 6031 W Center Street in Milwaukee, our main office hosts our Adult Permit Instruction Classes. These classes are open to all students aged 18 and older, offering the comprehensive information you need to pass your permit exam and embark on your journey towards becoming a licensed driver.

Once the tutoring session concludes, we take you to the DMV and begin your first driving lesson right after you pass your test. To provide added convenience, we'll then let you drive to your home or place of employment for drop-off.

Experience peace of mind and gain the confidence you need to hit the road. Contact Easy Method today and let us help you kickstart your driving journey.

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Ready to take the next step and get behind the wheel? Give us a call at (414) 447-0202 to schedule your private driving lessons or enroll in our Adult Permit Instruction Class. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your path to becoming a confident and skilled driver.

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Adult Driver Education FAQ

Q: How much do driving lessons cost for adults aged 18 and older?

A: Our driving lessons for adults are affordably priced at only $59.90 for a complete 1-hour session, including taxes. These private individual lessons provide you with dedicated instruction from a State of Wisconsin licensed driving instructor. We also offer a 5-hour driving package for $280.00. There are no contracts to sign, allowing you the flexibility to pay as you go at the beginning of each lesson. We accept cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, or American Express for your convenience.

Q: What can I expect during my first driving lesson?

A: During your initial driving lesson, your instructor will start by taking you to a quiet, lightly traveled street with minimal traffic. This environment provides you with the opportunity to become comfortable being behind the wheel. You'll practice essential maneuvers such as left and right turns, as well as straight driving. As your confidence grows, your instructor will gradually introduce you to driving in light traffic. With consistent practice, you'll be well-prepared for your state road test.

Q: What if I already have my driver's license but lack confidence in driving?

A: If you already possess a driver's license but lack confidence in your driving abilities, we can help. Our experienced instructors can provide a focused brush-up on road test maneuvers and guide you through driving in light traffic. With just a little practice and guidance, your confidence level will quickly increase, and you'll soon feel comfortable driving on your own.

Have a question that wasn't answered here?

Feel free to reach out to us. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you and provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your adult driver education journey.

  Expert Driver Training

Approved Course for Safe Driving

No Contracts Required

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At Easy Method Driving School, we are experts in providing comprehensive driver training. Our approved course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a safe and confident driver. Whether you're a beginner or adapting to driving in Wisconsin from another environment, our experienced instructors will guide you through a step-by-step process tailored to your needs.

We provide a Driver Training Car: We supply the driver training car, ensuring you have a reliable vehicle for your lessons. Our patient driving instructors are dedicated to helping you start your driving journey on the right foot.

1-hour session $59.90
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What You Get:

Customized Curriculum: We have developed a complete curriculum for private driving instruction specifically designed for adults. Our patient instructors evaluate your natural learning abilities and provide an estimate of the time it may take for you to become proficient. They will then create a personalized lesson plan to develop your driving skills until you're ready to take your state road test.

3-hour package $168
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State Road Test Preparation: The State of Wisconsin requires new drivers to pass a state road test to obtain a driver's license. Once you are ready for your road test and have an appointment scheduled at the DMV, your instructor can conduct simulated road tests to prepare you for the actual exam. We'll work with you until you feel confident about passing the DMV Road Test.

At Easy Method Driving School, we prioritize professionalism, courtesy, and your success. Our goal is to help you become a safe and skilled driver who can confidently navigate Wisconsin roads. Contact us today at (414) 447-0202 to get started on your journey towards obtaining your driver's license.

5-hour package $280

10-hour package $560

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Permit Package

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Prepare for your permit exam with our comprehensive tutoring package. Immediately after the session, we'll take you to the DMV testing station. If you pass and obtain your permit, your first driving session starts right away. Experience a seamless transition from learning to driving.

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